Call for Submissions

Journal of Nonprofit Innovation (JoNI) is an international, open-access, peer-reviewed journal that publishes research articles and thought papers focusing on community and global issues. JoNI accepts articles on a wide range of issues relating to the fields of community and global issues. Author(s) must submit their manuscripts electronically. JoNI strives to present articles and papers that are innovative, rigorous and concise.

JoNI editors are looking for academic articles and thought papers from individuals in the academic or the nonprofit communities to address topics related to community and global issues. We are looking for submissions that focus on current and/or innovative approaches to help nonprofit leaders improve their impact by integrating the information into practices on the ground. Readership of the journal includes both academics and practitioners. Author(s) are encouraged to write such that the content of the manuscript is accessible to both groups. When applicable, author(s) are encouraged to include a discussion of the practical application of the findings and ideas to nonprofit practitioners. 

We welcome and encourage interested authors to send in their submissions through the Scholars Archive - a partnership with Brigham Young University.

Want to be published in JoNI

Each publication has a focus topic where JoNI will spotlight relevant submissions specific to that publication. We also encourage ongoing calls for papers that focus on innovative approaches to community and nonprofit issues. Paper’s submitted to JoNI may be held for up to a year for a more relevant issue, with the consent of the author. We are currently accepting academic articles, thought papers, and potential nonprofit spotlights for The Journal for Nonprofit Innovation

Open entries for submission are as follows:


Academic Articles 

We are looking for articles that use innovative thinking and approaches to community and global issues. Have you done research in a specific area? We want to hear from you.


Thought Papers 

We are looking for thought pieces from nonprofit leaders that have first-hand experience with community and global issues. Share your experiences and give us your thoughts on a specific topic.  


Nonprofit Spotlights 

Is your nonprofit doing noteworthy? Get your nonprofit spotlighted in our journal. 

NOTE: To spotlight your nonprofit, you must be WikiCharities validated

Ongoing Calls

Articles on Innovation

We have an open call for academic articles and thought papers regardless of the upcoming specialty issues. We are looking for submissions that address innovative approaches and emerging research on community and global issues. 

Focus Areas

In addition to ongoing innovative papers, each issue will have a focus area where we will address the latest research and encourage experts and emerging scholars to submit articles and thought papers relating to that topic. 

2024 Areas of Focus

Our focus areas are not exclusive and we welcome submissions outside of them anytime throughout the year. 

Charitable Giving

March 2024 Issue

JoNI has issued a call for papers on “Charitable Giving” which could include religious approaches, nonprofit community and for-profit community. 

Deadline January 15, 2024

Artificial Intelligence & Data Driven Decisions

June 2024 Issue

JoNI has issued a new call for papers on “Artifical Intelligence & Data” which could include any innovative solutions in the community using AI or Data to improve outcomes.

Deadline April 15, 2024

Health (General)

September 2024 Issue

JoNI has issued a new call for papers on “Health,” which is purposefully broad. We are looking for innovative solutions and approaches on health and research related to health.

Deadline of July 1, 2024

Partnerships & Collaboration

December 2024 Issue

JoNI has issued a new call for papers on “Partnerships & Collaboration” which could include innovative ways to work together with nonprofits, for-profits and community groups.

Deadline of Oct 1, 2024

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