About JoNI

General Overview

General Overview: An online, open-access, peer-reviewed journal for academic research and thought papers on community and global issues related to nonprofits. 

Mission & Vision

Mission. To provide an academic journal that helps bridge the gap between academic research and the practices of nonprofit practitioners working on the ground. 

Vision. Promoting best practices through an online, open-access journal by highlighting the latest research, thought papers, and nonprofit spotlights that address innovative approaches to community and global issues.


About JoNI & its Goals: JoNI was created to bridge the gap between research and nonprofits on the ground and promote innovative approaches to solving community and global issues. JoNI does this through bringing awareness to best practices, spotlighting innovative approaches, and providing an open-access, online journal for the nonprofit sector. JoNI provides a platform for both  1) academics to share research with the nonprofit sector and 2) nonprofit leaders to find/review the latest research on community issues and share innovative approaches. 


Philosophy: We promote bias-free research and writing.

Structure of Journal

What is the strutcure of JoNI?  JoNI is a quarterly publication. JoNI has 3 sections, addressing the latest research, publishing new articles and thought papers, and spotlighting innovative nonprofits.

Call for Submissions

We are currently accepting articles, thought papers, and potential nonprofit spotlights for The Journal for Nonprofit Innovation. All submissions should be emailed to submissions@wikicharities.org with "JoNI Submission Request" in the subject line.

Sponsoring Organizations

Sponsoring Organizations

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