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Latest Research on Refugees and Migrants

The Journal of Nonprofit Innovation spotlights seven research studies on refugees and migrants around the world that discuss the mental health of refugees in refugee camps, European Union policies, Jewish and Syrian refugee mindset on... Read more 

How Nonprofits Benefit from WikiCharities

In the realm of nonprofit organizations, maximizing return on investment (ROI) is a critical factor in achieving sustainable growth and fulfilling their mission. With the advent of digital platforms, nonprofits have found a powerful ally in... Read more

Refugees, Migrants and Human Trafficking

As migration is increasing around the world and refugees are displaced from their homes, there is a continual vulnerability that surrounds migration and the refugee population which has opened the door to human trafficking... Read more

Building Trust in the Nonprofit Sector

Trust serves as the cornerstone of the nonprofit sector, playing a pivotal role in its ability to create lasting positive change. Donors, beneficiaries, volunteers, and the wider community all rely on trust to engage with and support  ... Read more 

 Examining the Negative Impact of Humanitarian Service

Humanitarian service is often regarded as a noble endeavor, aiming to alleviate human suffering, promote social justice, and address pressing global issues. While the positive impact of humanitarian work cannot be ... Read more

Addressing Fraud & Safeguarding Nonprofit Trust

The nonprofit sector plays a vital role in addressing societal issues and creating positive change. However, like any other sector, it is not immune to the risk of fraud. Instances of fraud in the nonprofit sector undermine ... Read more

New Journal: Trauma-Informed Approaches

This study has suggested a trauma-informed model of care for trafficked CYP that puts the provider-CYP relationship at its heart with a foundational basis of knowledge...  Read more 

Nonprofit Journal Growing Fast!

Journal of Nonprofit Innovation (JoNI) is bridging the gap between academic research and nonprofit activity on the ground. JoNI was created to bridge the gap between research and nonprofits on the ground and promote innovative approaches to solving community ... Read more

JoNI: An International Journal

Founded in 1992, the International Society for Third-Sector Research (ISTR) is a major international association promoting research and education in the fields of civil society, philanthropy, and the nonprofit sector. ISTR is an organization committed to building a.. Read more

Announcing: New Partnership

WikiCharities is proud to announce a new partnership with Brigham Young University in running The Journal of Nonprofit Innovation (JoNI), a new publication for... Read more

Latest Research in Africa

Rather than decimation and devastation, COVID-19 appears to reveal Africa’s innovation and resourcefulness in fighting disease, but this has largely escaped scholarship. Using various search engines, keywords, and phrases... Read more

New Online Platform for Nonprofits

WikiCharities is building a global database for nonprofits where every nonprofit will be searchable by location and topic. “One of the main reasons why victims of... Read more

Servant Leaders in Nonprofit Organizations

Countless headlines have been dedicated to the many fallouts of unethical leadership.  The frequency of the occurrences and the numbers of headlines all beg the question, “What model of leadership embraces an ... Read more

 Spotlight: A Child's Hope Foundation

We are lifting orphans from surviving to thriving by providing training and resources to orphanage directors and caregivers. Through our orphanage certification program , we connect and equip orphanage leadership to services and resources they... Read more

What is WikiCharities? And What Do We Do?

WikiCharities is creating a trusted community for the nonprofit sector. WikiCharities provides a platform where nonprofits are searchable by location and topic We encourage accountability in the nonprofit sector through a multi-step... Read more